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A Summary of the Sky Pyramids Files in English

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No summary is needed I gave up the thought to write this summary. Why? Because there are many good articles about MLM in general in English already. My summary will not give enough new points of views and facts about the issue. So, it will be a waste of time to do it. In Finnish
What then? Read these following articles and you will have enough information about MLM in general:

"Whatīs Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?" by Dean VanDruff

The Pyramid Scheme Alert site

A few things to say MLM is deception from the very beginning. The companies that go networking know the real essence of MLM already when they are planning and developing their idea. They know what the real chances and odds are for a single rep to succeed in business: theyīre miserable. Still they keep on marketing the business idea as great, excellent and super. This is misleading advertising and unfair trade parctice to my understanding.

The products have no real demand. It is mainly because of the business opportunity that people sign in. And when they fail they usually stop buying the products as well, unless they buy it from a relative or a good friend and feel pity of him/ her.

The companies and top leaders get more than 50 % of all the profits and they are very few in number. Each leg has to start from one business center. They are usually owned by a family member or a friend of the owner(s) of the company. Even if the company is on the stock market, there are only a few professional teams and retailers who own the highest level business centers. The idea is to deceive a little from many that eventually makes a lot to a few. The company is always the one who benefits the most. It could go bankruptcy without the deceptive idea of selling the business opportunity.

Whatīs your decision? Do you want to help or prevent MLM companies from exploiting the unaware and defenceless? Knowledge is power. Tell the idea of this scam to two people: start from your family and your loved ones. Ask them to instruct two more who instruct two more... and soon the whole planet will be saved! Or does the chain break before the news reach each and everyone? If it does, donīt be surprised to notice that the same happens with all low-level legs and downlines in an MLM! And it usually happens very very soon after youīve joined the scheme. Unless you are on a top level as you start with?

Did you know that many MLMs go bankruptcy if they donīt get the system work in the beginning? Without the help of some professional recruiters and teams they would be out of business at once. "Getting in early" is the only way to do well in the business. Did you get in too late? And remember: you can never rely on any MLM for a life-time. Its more likely for an individual leg to collapse than to last for ever. No pyramid can stand when its foundation will collapse. Itīs the same with your downline. It would be a miracle if it lasted for years and years, because ca. 90 % of the reps quit in a couple of years. With your team you have to recruit new retailers all the time in order to maintain in the business. So, where is your early retirement and secured days of oldhood? Where is your extra freetime, vacations, friends, hobbies, money...? Or did you lose the little you got to begin with?

  Petteri Haipola, updated in May 19 th, 2001 e-mail
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